Eco & Ethics Spotlight - Tumble & Hide

A lot goes into a TUMBLE AND HIDE leather product. Here you can find everything you need to know about their production.

At just over 5,000 miles from Lichfield, Tumble and Hide's factory is situated in the vibrant city of joy that is Kolkata in India. There can be a lot of negative connotations that surround manufacturing in India which Tumble and Hide wholly ignored when they moved their production unit there in the mid 90s. India is really the go to destination for leather tanning and manufacturing and in Kolkata the leather industry is thriving and Tumble and Hide are prod to be a part of it. 
Recently production has slowed down to allow more time and care to be taken in the manufacturing of their beautiful leather products. 

Their factory has a regular code of practice and social audit which ensured that our workers are employed in a similar fashion to their counterparts in the UK. Their workers are an integral part of the Tumble and Hide 'family' and have really embraced the Tumble and Hide ethos.


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