Montana - New GLASS PAINT 250ml

The new Montana GLASS PAINT is a fantastic way to re-colour, brighten up or create innovative glass based effects. The Montana GLASS PAINT is a Nitro-Acrylic combination paint base that dries semi-transparent and matt after being applied. Available in nine different colours, GLASS PAINT is great for making shadow, frost or sea glass effects on any glass material like windows, bottles or vases.
The more layers applied the opaquer the effect becomes. Perfect for DIY and creative applications like creating shadows or adding a splash of colour to the light passing through your chosen glass surface. Excellent for practical applications like frosting window glass to create areas of more privacy through a milk glass like finish, or to simply vary the light entering a room to achieve more ambiance or warmth.

Made in an easy to handle 250ml sized can, the low-pressure GLASS PAINT can be applied to almost any glass object and covers evenly with the Flat Jet cap medium that comes standard on the can. Montana GLASS PAINT is lightfast, scratch and dint resistant when dry and cured. With fast drying and great adhesion, the possibilities for uses are many and varied for you to colour your world.


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