Carhartt WIP - Organic Cotton Classics

The Autumn 2019 collection incorporates new techniques and fabrics, invigorating a selection of much-loved classics. These subtle changes also have the benefit of reducing each garment’s environmental impact, without sacrificing the renowned durable qualities of Carhartt WIP garments.
This includes their new organic Dearborn Canvas, which was first introduced to Carhartt WIP collections last season. It’s still just as robust and is created in a 12oz weight. This fabric has also been through an ageing process that gives each garment a unique, lived-in feel and leads to richer, more complex hues of canvas.
Additionally, the worn, patina-like effects Carhartt WIP occasionally apply to their canvas pieces are now executed in a new way. Previously done by hand, which was laborious, time-consuming work, this process is now done with lasers, creating the whiskered detailing that we associate with well-worn Carhartt WIP pants and jackets.

As well as a selection of work pants and overalls, Autumn 2019 features a number of outerwear options created in this manner. The OG Active Jacket, OG Chore Coat, OG Detroit Jacket and OG Arctic Coat have all been treated in this way. Across these styles you can choose from rinsed canvas and aged canvas, which has a more rugged finish.
What exactly does the OG signify for each of these product names? Simply put, they’re boxier and a little more oversized than their non-prefixed counterparts. They hark back to some of the earliest Carhartt WIP collections, when silhouettes were slightly looser. Between this new-old fit and ageing treatments, these garments carry the appearance of a cherished piece worn over several years. Except, we’ve already done the hard work for you.


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