Björk and Berries - Brand Profile

Björk and Berries began as a small local project in northern Sweden with the desire to preserve the magic of its nature, beauty, scents and healing properties. They took to the woods to hand-pick leaves and berries to capture the essence of the Swedish flora in their first natural perfume and with that, set the foundation for what Björk and Berries is today.

Björk, the Swedish word for Birch, also known as the life-giving tree is our signature ingredient and a symbol of the unique nature where they also find other potent ingredients like sea buckthorn and blueberries. 

In developing their products, they use the best nature has to offer and through the latest technology, transform it into luxurious formulas where texture, scent and performance are of equal importance. All Björk and Berries products are made in Sweden according to their ecoluxury criteria – kind to skin, nature and people. 

Björk and Berries is owned by CEO Isabelle Lewenhaupt and her family. The family’s farm, Fäviken, in the North of Sweden is a special place for Björk and Berries. Here, they have our their mountain garden where they grow a few select ingredients and experiment with plants and herbs in the harsh seasons of the north. The beauty of the deep forests and mountains is a daily inspiration for the brand.

They continuously work on our mission, to preserve and share the magic of Swedish nature and beauty traditions with the world.

Here at  we stock a full range from Candles and Diffusers to scents to products for modern beauty concerns. Shop the range in store and online here.


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