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With more and more people taking up cycling over the pandemic and fuel prices at a record high now is a good time to introduce COBAGS which offer a range of eco-friendly bags for convenience when cycling.

With innovative design and problem focused mindsets they aim at developing products that make your life easier and safer with practical eco-friendly solutions.

The brand began a summer day in Copenhagen. Being one of the leading bicycle cities in the world, the people of Copenhagen are no strangers to bicycling. It is said that most Copenhageners (yes that’s a word) can live their entire life on their bicycles. 

However, on this fateful day Nikolai Gulmann noticed a pattern amongst the people biking by on Queen Louises bridge, one of the busiest bike paths in all of Copenhagen. He saw an abundance of “single use plastic bags” hanging from the handlebars of the bicycles. Heavy from being filled with groceries, the bags were knocking against the front wheel causing the cyclist to be off balance and in danger of getting the bag stuck in the wheel. Further, being aware of the environmental impact of single use plastic bags, Nikolai wondered how this all could be improved. 

All this became the basis for the first Bikezac. A bag made from durable material intended for long term use; with the practicality of a single use bag in terms of portability; and the safety and ease of use that comes with a traditional bike bag.

Since then COBAGS has been growing and developing, resulting in the Bikezac 2.0 made simply for the extra space on the G0. Call it a bikezac 2.G0.

They continue to strive to create products that make life simpler. We believe that the world has gotten complex enough and a little simplicity is needed. It should be a simple choice to choose to be safe and eco-friendly. You should gain more, not less by making those choices.

That is the core of all COBAGS design thinking.

Their focus has from the beginning been on making products that are not only safe and simple to use but also environmentally friendly. Here we believe that choice of material is one of the most important areas. A green material is only green if it is also durable so it can be reused several times.

All Bikezacs are therefore made of woven PP, a strong plastic material. As plastic waste is an important topic, all their bags are made from post-consumption rice sacs, meaning that they have already been used by people and then been recollected from the streets in Southeast Asia (mostly Vietnam). The rice sacs are melted and recycled into new woven PP, which is used for our bags. 

Shop the full range of COBAGS here, 


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