Elliker - Brand Profile


Taking its namesake from a local woodland in East Keswick, ELLIKER is paving a new way in outdoor performance products. One that celebrates life in the slow lane.

They create versatile products that do exactly what they need to, without all of the fancy stuff the everyday explorer doesn't need.

Their products are designed to give you exactly what you need for exploring the great outdoors- nothing more. They’re here to make stuff that works and cuts out all the fuss that the everyday explorer doesn’t need.


They take care to include necessary features that will be functional, not just for show. They strive to make products that are actually usable in everyday life as well as outdoors. Their products are put through rigorous testing, including waterproof and strength testing.

ELLIKER work hard to ensure their products are produced as ethically and sustainably as possible. All of their product are made from 100% Recycled Polyester (made from plastic bottles)- reducing the need for the production of virgin materials and slowing the acceleration of the climate crisis.

Furthermore they work closely with the East Keswick Wildlife Trust to support them on their ongoing endeavour to maintain and develop the considerable tracts of land within the parish boundary. This area is what inspired us to create ELLIKER and continues to inspire us as we continue to develop our product collection. We donate 1% of our profits directly to the UK Wildlife Trust, helping to support the development of local areas and wildlife habitats. Visit the East Keswick Wildlife Trust website to find out more and keep up to date with how our donations are helping.

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