Carrier Goods - Brand Profile

 In 2020, two designers and outdoor lovers founded Carrier Goods. The creator's intense love of the outdoor gave birth to the business. Carrier Goods combines innovation and distributive approach with research and design and function, blurring the distinction between indoors and outdoors.


The brand dismantles the conventional definitions of what constitutes street wear and what constitutes outdoor apparel. With utility and contemporary design at the center of Carrier Goods DNA, a collection of winterized basics that are created using air light water resistant materials, stretch nylons, and breathable rip stops. The loose Alpine pants are coupled with silhouettes that evoke vintage ski wear and include exquisite movement elements and practical fastenings.

Every shape is gender neutral and made to be worn and enjoyed by anyone.

The boundaries between cities and environment are becoming more hazy as the need to discover one's "self" and "home" grows.

I am excited to share that we now in the next few weeks, we will stock Carrier Goods, in store and soon to be online, so keep your eyes pealed!


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