Tonights Dinner at the 'Joy Luck Club'

Tonights dinner was had at a quirky little eaterie towards the river called the 'Joy Luck Club', the fact the music playing was BB King Helped.

We had the choice of this place or a busier looking place next door that seemed to be staffed by hookers, but since the owner here didn't hassle us to come in, this was a good sign.

My rule of thumb in Bangkok is, to have a starter, if its good stay for the main, if it sucks get hell out, luckily the Spring Rolls were REALLY good, so a cocktail was partaken while the main was ordered, the best thing was the rice being served in moulds, i got a duck while Siobhan got a teddy bear, hers was better, boo hoo.

The owner was very attentive, even making sure both dishes were 'Spicy' and indeed they were, and extremely tasty to boot.

So £8 gets you a round of cocktails, starters, and 2 main courses.

Next time you are in Bangkok and heading to Khoa San Road try this place for dinner, lovely staff and great food.

18 Prasumain Rd.,
Bangkok, 10200
08 6081 4433
0 2629 3112

How good are these, every table has a different theme, i got the WW2 one, there were 6 tables, but mines was the best, i think they were all the kids toys from the family, around the restaurant was lots of cool Powerangers and Astroman.

Just shows that on a budget, cool & quirky can be achieved.


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