10 Golden Rules of Lomography

Some of you might not have a clue what Lomography is, I certainly didn't until we got some of the range into our store.

Basically, it is a style of artistic, experimental snapshot using a mixture of vintage and analogue cameras (toy cameras), combined with out of date, special effect or colour enhanced film. A couple of students began this revolutionary technique in Austria when they found a small Russian made camera, the Lomo Kompakt Automat.

Lomography then created their '10 Golden Rules' and from this has spawned an international movement of approx. 1 million Lomographers worldwide. These rules are a defenition of the approach and mindset of these creative individuals: -

  • Take your camera everywhere you go
  • Use it anytime - Day and night
  • Lomography is not an interference with your life, but a part of it
  • Try the shot from the hip
  • Approach the object of your Lomographic desire as close as possible
  • Don't think
  • Be fast
  • You don't have to know beforehand what you captured on film
  • Afterwards either
  • Don't worry about any rule
The Lomography Website is also an amazing community! It offers some wonderful features, such as free membership. With membership you get unlimited photo storage for life, profile page to share your work and are granted the ability to comment, review and write content.
You can keep up to date with them and us on a load of networking sites such as Twitter

Personally, I am a proud Lomographer! I never really gave film a chance until I got my hands on a Fisheye 2 and its underwater case, with a selection of the Lomo 35mm film, for going to Egypt last year on holiday. Best buy of the year by miles, it was amazing fun to use and the results can be seen on my Flickr page
When not in the shop, I always have a camera in hand. If you like photography, Lomography or my flickr page please feel free to check out my Website too *cough* shameless plug *cough* =)

I just also got a polaroid so expect black and white polaroids of all the staff on our about us page ASAP! Also, talking about polaroids... One of our regulars, friends and fellow photographer Stephen Hughes just wrote a great wee blog on polaroids, check it out!

Enjoy the sunshine while we have it!



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