My Big Fat Greek Wedding

 Recently attended a friends wedding in Skiathos, a lovely lovely island just of the coast of mainland Greece, 25 minutes flying time from Athens.
We flew from Manchester, the drive from Glasgow to Manchester included a stop off at 'The Trafford Centre', we shopped all day and i never bought 1 single thing, bollocks, i did try on a rather fetching Paul Smith jacket, which i may purchase when my weight drops a bit.

The Flight to Athens went Tech, new plane rquired and a 6 hour delay, good start to the day, not.  Athens must be the most tagged city with Graffiti i have ever seen, and not one bit of it was any good, all pretty dire, infact pretty much all rubbish.

The pic below is Nick (Elton John lookalike), hes a great chappy and kept giving me pelters all week, me and Mrs Fat Buddha were seen whizzing round Skiathos all week on the big red Quad bike, 2 big fatties on the machine.

For anyone with a mind to visit Skiathos, there's some info n the Island HERE.


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