Stencil Graffiti

Had another couple of people in the shop today asking about stencil graffiti, so here's some more information for anyone looking to find out more about it. Check out the links below and all of the basics can be found along with some inspirational artwork from some of stencil graffiti's finest...

First thing to do is get hold of a copy of Stencil Graffiti by Tristan Manco, lots of great work from all over the globe. The accompanying site has some great links too.

If you want to practice some of the basics, grab a stencil from, start off with some simple silhouettes to get you used to cutting the stencils and spraying without getting the dreaded overspray! (little tip: a light dusting of spray mount on the back of your stencil will do the trick)

If your looking to get some interaction with some of the best stencil artists from around the world, head on over to the Stencil Revolution forum, it's quite a tight group that frequent their forum, but show respect and be polite and you can get some great advice. (another tip: che guevara images don't go down too well, they prefer some originality) 

Once you've got the basics down and you have developed some nice blisters on your cutting finger, it's time to up your game....layers! You probably won't get this right first, second or even third time, but if you're persistent, the final results can be phenomenal! Here's some of the best, doing what they do best.

On the left we have Shephard Fairey (AKA Obey Giant) and Logan Hicks (Workhorse Visuals) holding it down on the right.

and here's a couple of videos with the aforementioned artists...

(keep an eye on the clock in the Logan Hicks video - time consuming, you're damn right!)

Here at Fat Buddha we have a full range of paints and art supplies for anyone painting for the first time, or those who cut stencils until their fingers bleed! We can also supply large orders for community groups, youth clubs and schools.


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