Sampler Cameras

Here at Fat Buddha we love our lomography and analog cameras, and at the moment we have a great wee selection of sampler cameras from you to choose from!

The kind of photos these cameras produce are great fun to play about with, and there's no need to be a camera buff to get the most out of them as they are so simple to use yet produce instantly great, interesting photos!

Not familair with the name? Well lets get introduced ...

First up is the classic Lomography 'Oktomat' camera -

 With one click of the shutter release this camera takes a series of photos over its tiny 8 lenses - 2 seconds apart, great for capturing real action sequences!

Similarly is the 'Pop 9', another Lomography favourite -

This camera differs from the Oktomat as, instead of creating 8 sequencing photos, the Pop 9 cameras 9 identical photographs - all in one click!

And last but not least is the "Robot 3" camera

This enigmatic little toy camera, only available in store, is a great wee pal to carry around in your pocket  - producing 3 great photographs about a second apart.

Check out our full range of lomography online NOW! Or pop in store for a chat and a play around with one of these babys :)



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