Diana F+ vs. Mini Diana

Here at Fat Buddha we're big fans of Lomography, and one of the main questions we get from in store customers about our Lomo range is "Which should I go for? The Diana F+... or the Diana Mini?"
This is understandable - with two cameras so seemingly identical (other than one being more... eh, mini, than the other) it can be difficult to really understand what the differences between them are. And which one is right for you?

To try get an understanding, here's my run-down of the two models, their pros (and cons) and what that means to the user -


+ Born in 2007, the Lomo Diana F+ was a remake of a 1960's cult classic - and, true to its predecessor it is a medium format camera that takes 120 film. Instantly this gives the Dianas photos great old fashioned composition with its square frame. 

+ The Diana F+ has a huge range of interchangeable plastic lenses and accessories - from fisheye to  telephoto to wide angle, etc, and all super affordable compared to your Nikon or Canon SLR lenses. (about £30 onwards) giving you loads of opportunity to experiment and have fun with your camera!

+ Comes in a vast selection of colourways and designs (including Mr. Pink, Tokyo Meow and CMYK available in store at Fat Buddha!)

+ With the standard 120 film, it has the ability to change between 12 shot, 16 shot and endless panorama on each spool. It is also a pinhole camera when you take off its lens!

+ Can be made into an instant camera (think polaroid) with an "Instant back" available as an addition to your Diana F+!

- 120 film is rather expensive to buy and develop compared to bog standard 35mm film - plus there's far less photos on each spool. There is a 35mm back however, which can be bought additionally and simply slots onto the back of the Diana F+ allowing you to be more cost effective in your shooting. However, this change of format makes it difficult to gauge your photos correctly - what you see through the view finder WONT be what you see on your prints and effects such as the fisheye WONT be as noticeable.

+ Unlike the traditional Diana F+, the Diana Mini takes 35mm film as standard which is cheap, easy to come by and easy to get developed at your local photo lab. 

+ This camera is super light (we're talking 130g) and rather tiny - easy to have with you all times in your bag or in your pocket - great for those impromptu photos!

+ It can be adjusted to use as a "half frame" camera - taking up to 72 photos per 35mm film! Great for some on film story telling (or for just being super economical and saving those pennies)

- The Diana Mini lens is not removable so that means no interchangeable lens like you get on the classic Diana. Bad news for all you fisheye fanatics out there. There is also not a removable back so can't change between formats either.

- The cameras weight, despite being its main selling point, also makes it quite unstable and prone to camera shake (especially on those dreamy long exposures... oh dear)

So, there's the basics... now which one would you choose?



Unknown said…
This article is very handy! I'm still doubting :( help me please, which one should YOU choose?
Unknown said…
This article is very handy! I'm still doubting :( help me please, which one should YOU choose?

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