I have been seriously geeking out recently by gaming far too much and by watching way too many movies. So to help you guys out, here is a wee review blog!

Movies first, what have I seen recently?

Tomorrow When The War Begins

It has been getting great reviews and apparently it's one of the biggest movie from Australia ever... Well, it is! However, what other big Australian movies are out there to make hat such a good thing? It starts of great. With a good mix of characters and a bit of action, full of promise. Then when the film is about to start, it ends. It was like watching a intro to a war movie that has never been finished. If there is a sequel ever made, it will probably be good but sadly this is like an episode of home and away with a few guns and explosions.


Suckerpunch is a weird one. Lots of people have hated it, saying the scenes in the movie don't really tell you what is supposed to be happening. I followed it fine and I question these peoples imaginations... Don't expect any Oscar winning scenes in this but it is great, mindless eye candy action. Brilliant but certainly one for the cinema.

The Eagle

The Eagle is simply awful. I quite like Roman history and I also like action so I naturally thought I would like this. However, it is boring simple as that. Nothing happens as the 2 main characters travel through the UK arguing with each other.

Battle: Los Angeles

Alien Invasion movies are my favourite. I am always waiting for that one that blows me away like Independence Day did when I was younger. This sadly wasn't it. I thought it was pretty bad but watched it again in hope I missed something and I did enjoy it better the second time round. It reminds me a lot of District 9. Nothing much happens for a while but then it gets very good towards the end. If you didn't like Starship Troopers, I would maybe give this a miss. The aliens are the worst aliens in any movie, ever...

Drive Angry

I thought I would hate this and I actually thought it was quite fun. It's a stupid story with lots of stupid action and completely over the top CGI in some scenes but it never lets you think it was trying to be anything more than just silly, fun action. Enjoyed it as well as staring at Amber Heard.

Now for gaming! I know some of you are into your computer games so here is what I have been playing recently...

Shogun 2: Total War

I have been in love with Total War games since Rome and Shogun 2 doesn't disappoint. It is easily the hardest Total War game released yet. Fans of the series should buy this for sure! Any game that has ninja in it must be good!


I was awaiting Homefront more than any other game in the first half of 2011... What a let down! The single player story was good, I enjoyed fighting as one of the resistance. Sadly, I completed the campaign in about 4 hours which is just not good enough. I didn't even bother giving multiplayer a shot as I was so disappointed, perhaps they aimed it for that market? Who knows... Gutted.

Dragon Age 1 + 2

I have lost SO many hours of my life to Bioware games. Not because they are too long and boring because they are excellent and actually take me more than one day of playing to complete! Everything about Dragon Age is brilliant, whether you are an RPG fan or a fan of the newer styled Mass Effect style of game, you can play Dragon age your own way and go on a fantastic adventure, full of real choices and consequences. One of the best games I have ever played. Even the movies are great and apparently a TV show of the game is coming soon!

(Any excuse for some 30 Seconds To Mars - This Is War!)

Crysis 2

Currently about a third of the way into the game I am not really feeling it. I thought Crysis was revolutionary in its use of graphics and physics as well as having a great story! While Crysis 2 looks amazing it fails to draw you in. I still don't really know what I am doing in it.

So enjoy your movies and your gaming fellow geeks. I am also quite excited by the new HBO show, Game of Thrones and I got my Reading Festival tickets so I will see some of you there maybe.



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