Hottie of the Week - AJ Cook

And the award this week surely goes to...A.J Cook!! Who I may hear you ask...well she is the actress who has currently returned to our screens as JJ in Criminal Minds. The American Crime drama, which is a favourite of mine, follows the FBI's behavioural unit as they track down (yes you guessed it) criminals. Lets have a look at her...

As well as returning to Criminal Minds, AJ has starred in a number of other TV shows and films including: Tru Calling, I'm Reed Fish and Final Destination to to mention a few.

Here's a video of an interview of her talking about Criminal Minds.

While I agree she's nowhere near Rihanna or indeed Kelly Rowland she is in my opinion hottie of the week! Fell free to disagree with me below :)

So AJ Cook you are officially a Fat Buddha Hottie



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