Scary Be@rbricks

Looking for an alternative to the bog standard Jack o Lantern this year? Well look no further! !

Medicoms 2011 offering is this Halloween Kum@bear toy priced at £69.95 which will look cool and seasonal at the same time in place of your pumpkin.
Made from a lighter/softer plastic than it's brothers the Medicom Be@arbricks - the Kum@Brick Halloween toy is for the guy who doesnt want to deal with all the hassle and mess of carving a Linkpumpkin into all hours of the night!

If the Kum@ toy is still not spooky enough why not indulge in these other "Scary" Urban Vinyl toys:

The Trick or Treat 400% Be@rbrick:

The 400% and 100% Seher One Be@rbricks:

and finally... the simplistic Horror Skull 400% Be@rbrick:

Everyone going out tonight have a Happy Halloween!



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