Friday 13th

Oooooh you may not have noticed but today is the dreaded Friday 13th.  For all of you out there that are full of superstition this is considered the unluckiest day of the year! But where does this mad theory come from?

According to numerology the number 13 is believed unlucky because the number twelve is considered the number of completeness due to 12 hours in the day, 12 months in a year etc so the number 13 seems pretty quite irregular.

Friday has long been considered unlucky as according to christian scripture Jesus was hung on a Friday.  There is also a link to the number 13 from christianity being that there was13 people at the last supper and Judas was the 13th to arrive.

Some believe that it is down to Thomas L Lawson's popular book "Friday, the thirteenth" where a broker takes uses people fear of the superstition to create a wall street panic.  And who can forget the slasher movies from the 90's of the same name, although they probably gave people a reason to laugh about it rahter than fear it.

 Watch out for those banana skins!

I personally think people don't need a reason for the roots of the superstition and just fear it for its own sake.  For those of you who are feeling a bit unlucky pop into Fat Buddha or check out our online store and we're sure we'll change your luck around!



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