Leather Care Products

For any of us lucky enough to get some decent leather shoes or boots, be it Fracap or Loake will want to keep them in pretty good nick, you need a Leather Care Product.  If you have invested £170 upwards in some good shoes you don't want them to be scuffed or looking shoddy.


As a 40th birthday present, my sis treated me to a pair of Loake shoes, £185 a pair it wasn't a throwaway present, ive not worn them yet because i want to treat them to make them last, what i needed was some good Leather Care Product, and as luck would have it i came across a great little site specialising in the afore mentioned Leather Care Products, called Norton Leather Care, i gave them a call and 'Big Al' talked me through what i needed to keep my shoes in tip-top shape.

You wouldn't think there was that much to leather care but there are some real heritage brands here, companies like Angelus, Colinol, Bisheys, Safir that only make leather care stuff, these guys know their stuff and if you happen to be lucky enough to get some new shoes keep them in good nick


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