Tellason Denim

Here at Fat Buddha we are very excited about 2012 for a whole host of reasons.  Firstly we have a bunch of exciting new brands brands that will be coming to you lucky people in store and online over the next year.  The latest addition being Tellason Denim.

Tellason is a San Francisco based denim collection launched by Tony Patella and long term business partner Pete Searson, the name comes from both their second names put together "Tella - Son", giving a story behind the name is something they found important.

Check out this video for an insight into the brand - Tellason

The company have an ethos of respect and a passion for qualirty and integrity of distribution.  These factors make Tellason stand out as every detail from fabric to the way they are sewed is treated with equal importance, making them that little bit special.

For example the fabric used to create the denims is from Cone Mills' White Oak plant in Greensboro, known for providing the denim industry with some of the highest quality denim since the 1700's, which is then cut and sewn in native San Francisco.  Then every finished pair is examined by hand, thats what I call attention to detail.

Laidbroke Grove Slim Tapered 12.5 oz

Heres two of the pairs we will have in, you may notice the nod to the band the Clash in the names of each denim.  Laidbroke Grove being a Clash song and John Graham Mellor aka Joe Strummer from the same band.

John Graham Mellor Slim 14.75 oz
We are truly honoured and proud to have Tellason denim gracing our shelves.  Watch out for their arrival on our facebook page here



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