2.8 Hours later in Glasgow

2.8 Hours Later is the thrill packed interactive night time zombie chase game where 500 players must try to survive the apocalypse and not become a zombie.  Every year a couple of lucky cities are selected to take part in the zombie chase.

Check out the trailer for it here.
The aim of the game for those luckily enough to be taking part is to make it to a series of checkpoints throughout the city in order to make it to the final Resistance HQ where it ends with a zombie disco.  Obviously you need to watch out for the blood thirsty zombies that will be chasing you through the whole process.

It has just been announced that 2.8 Hours Later will be running in Glasgow on the 29th, 30th and 31st of March after a vote held on the 2.8 Hours website on where the next one should be held.  As of yet no tickets have went on sale.
I cannot wait!


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