Fat Buddha Store - Sketch Battle 4 'Gorillaz'

Converse X Gorillaz are releasing some limited shoes to celebrate the launch of some new shit from the guys at Gorillaz.

We were needing a theme for the 4th sketch battle, so for you, our great reader heres a great competition to enter, the theme is 'Gorillaz', you can interpret it however you wish, just come up with a great sketch, email it to leslie(at)fatbuddhastore.com by the 4th of March to enter.

All entries will be posted up on the monday on our facebook page www.fatbuddhastore.com/fatbuddhastore for 1 week, everyone votes and the winner gets lots of prizes.  The last sketch battle had over 3,300 votes cast.

So you need to be in it to win it, enter the competition, do something you enjoy, GO FOR IT.


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