Music Monday

Everybody's talking about...Grimes who is Montreal based  musician Claire Boucher.  She has grabbed everybodys attention with her unique take on pop.  She may seem rather new but you may be suprised to know that the Canadian has just released her fourth album "Visions" earlier this month.  That's four albums in two years by the way.

Grimes could be considered as pop/electro with a really compelling voice that just draws you in to her music.  She is also known for creating all of her own album covers.  Check out her latest video for Oblivion -

Boucher considers her latest album "Visions" her proper debut as this seems to be a more honed, better put together piece of work that has seen her grow in more ways than one since her first outings.  Now she is signed to a bigger label and on a bigger platform it has to be.

Grimes is a breath of fresh air in a pretty saturated genre and I can see people really starting to love her and strange but still very good music. Her album is available now.

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