Music Monday - Odd Future

With Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All or Odd Fututre for short bringing their live show to Glasgow last night we thought it would only be right to cover them in our music spot.  You should have heard of the outlandsih LA based hip hop collective who last year dominated the internet with their don't give a shit attitude and what some might consider offensive lyrics.

Although they may seem immature and at some times vulgar they are a very talented bunch of teenagers and twenty somethings who seem to make music their own way, their own artwork, direct their own videos, music with their own production and lyrics.  They have just recently released their second album The OF Tape Vol. 2 a follow up to their 2008 debut The Odd Future Tape which was and is free to download.  Last year also saw founder and leader of the Group Tyler the Creator release his debut album Goblin, to critical acclaim.

Other artists from the crew who have branchedout succesfully are smooth singer songwriter Frank Ocean who seems a little bit more sensible compared to his friends.  He was voted in the top 10 acts to look out for in 2012 by Radio 1 and his debut album will be released later this year.

 Now with their own record label and clothing line, they have been opening up pop up shops at select cities of their tour and have a store based in L.A., the sky looks to be the limit.  Add to this the VMA awards and even getting a TV show on Adult Swim they are looking to be pretty much unstoppable.

They can often be seen sporting Huf and Vans which you can pick up from us at Fat Buddha Store.


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