Music Monday - KISS

This weekend 30 years ago KISS played their Fist gig in a New York club called Popcorn, earning themselves the princely sum of $50, and playing to around 10 folk.  Recently they were called Wicked Lester, but changed it when lead guitarist Ace Frehly joined the outfit.

Paul Stanley is credited with coming up with the name whilst Ace designed the now original version of the infamous KISS logo.  June that year they recorded their first 5 song demo tape for Eddie Kramer and later on became the first signing for Bogart's new record label 'Cassablanca Records'.

October this year they enter the studio to begin work on their first studio album, and the rest is as they say History.  30 years on KISS hava a back cataolgue to be proud of, numerous Gold, Platinum record sales and of course the biggest merchandise range you have ever seen.

Kiss went through the 80's on a gradual decline, before coming back with a boomtastic 'Crazy Nights', a whole generation of kids discovered KISS and the back catalogue took off again.

A few pieces of KISS trivia for you here:
  • 1977 KISS headline Madison Square Garden for the first time.
  • 1977 KISS anounce their debut KISS Marvel comic book and deposit their own blood in the comic book ink at the MArvel printing plant.
  • 1977 KISS voted #1 band in America by Gallup. Their tour of Japan breaks attendance records previously held by the Beatles.
  • 1978 KISS release their first movie 'Phantom of the Park' it was one of the highest rated TV movies of all time.
  • 1983 KISS perform for 137,000 fans in Rio
  • 1983 KISS perform without make-up for the first time.
KISS perform with Garth Brooks, Hard Luck Woman was a number of songs covered by artists, the line-up included Anthrax, Dinosaur Jr, Lenny Kravitz, The Lemonheads, Gin BLossoms & Extreme.

Now Finally heres my all time favourite KISS song, taken from the much maligned album, 'Unmasked' but still an album i play on a regular basis, it needs to be listened to.  So heres the video for 'Shes so European', still sounds amazing.


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