Going Out - The House Sound Of Chicago w/ Farley Jackmaster Funk

After a very successful 2012 La Cheetah Club are back with a bang in 2013 and to say they're kicking things of in style would be an understatement! 2012 saw them launch the Motor City Electronics series of nights, which was initially a four part series dedicated to the electronic music of Detroit. For their first night in 2013 they're moving their attention to another city known for it's pioneering contribution to club music. We are of course talking about the windy city of Chicago!

They'll be running their "La Cheetah Club Presents... The House Sound Of Chicago" nights sporadically throughout 2013 and to kick things off they have a true legend in our midst! Farley Keith Williams, better known to you and I as Farley Jackmaster Funk will be in town for a UK exclusive performance. Farley has stayed true to his roots over the years so expect to hear the true house sound of Chicago from the man who (some might argue) brought House to these shores with his seminal "Love Can't Turn Around" track (featuring the late Darryl Pandy) back in 1986.

As always our trusty residents Wardy and Dom D'Sylva will be on hand to get the party started.

Tonight (Friday) 8th February) at 

Max's 'La Cheetah Club'
Queen St 

11pm - 3am

Don't miss this, a true legend!


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