Hottie of the Week - Nazanin Bioandi !!! (Homeland)

This week we honour the greatness of Homeland, must see TV for anyone, the new series returns to our screens in the coming weeks and we can't wait.  Homeland is on my catch-up TV list.

Fesh blood is the key here and with this we see the introduction of the delectible Nazanin Bioandi, you have more than likely heard the headlines, she got interviewed by the 'Church of Scientology' to be Tom Cruise's future wife, she never got the gig, and is mighty relieved i'd say.

Nazanin is a mixture of Iranian/British, birthland was Tehran and her parents moved to the Uk where Nazanin picked up the violin and started with ballet. Private school education with a degree from the USA, then switched to acting in 2006.
She has appeared in a mixture of film/tv, most natably 'How i met your mother'.

Being an official voice for 'Amnesty International' she has her heart in the right place and is vocal in many other human rights/education campaigns.

So here we go Nazanin, you are this week's Hottie of the Week, job done, you can retire now.

 Gracing the cover of many magazines like Vogue, Harpers & Tatler, all of these wonderful magazines can be purchased from the Magazine Shop in the Fat Buddha Store website.


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