Pendleton - Heroic Chief Mini Blanket

A striking silhouette of a Native American Chief is the central image of this unique, circa 1920s design. The original, vintage blanket was discovered and sent to Pendleton by Indian trade blanket collector and author Barry Friedman. The brand were delighted to reproduce this fascinating blanket. The feathered headdress was a ceremonial war bonnet worn only by chiefs and warriors. The war bonnet was common among Plains Indian men–Sioux, Crow, Blackfeet, Cheyenne and Cree–but was seldom worn on the battlefield. Reserved for formal occasions, the golden eagle-feather war bonnet was a spiritual symbol of a man's courage and honor. It was a sign of respect that could be bestowed only by the tribe's elders. The bonnet was also believed to protect the wearer. You can check out more pics shown below.

The blanket is available now at Fat Buddha Store and is made from Napped, felt binding. 82% pure virgin wool/18% cotton and made in the USA. You can pop by the store to check out our full range of Pendleton clothing and accessories, or browse online in the next few days when all the products will be available.


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