4 Steps to keeping your trainers fresh

The sun is out which means we all want to get our finest sneakers out and look fresh but then have to deal with the inevitable fact that they will likely get destroyed within 20 minutes while avoiding anyone with a drink and clumsy feet. Well not any more, being the good guys that we are we have made an easy 4 step guide which means your shoes will never look anything less than box fresh.

1. Prevention 
With everything prevention is better than the cure and its no different with shoes. So its probably best to avoid those all white Janoskis when it's pissing it down or if your heading to some claty Glasgow club. A great product to use is Crep protect which is a spray that creates an invisible layer on your shoes which repels liquids and prevents stains. The product works on suede, nubuck, leather and canvas and is simple to use. Take a look at this video attached to see how it works:

2. Cleaning
If you are already past the point were you can protect your shoes it's time to clean them. For cleaning stains its best to use a small brush or old toothbrush along with a stain remover and warm water and rub gently then pat dry with kitchen towel and leave to dry naturally. There are loads of products available for cleaning shoes, we sell the great Angelus blue foam cleaner which removes surface dirty from all materials, alternatively you could use a bowl of warm water and washing powder. See Angelus blue foam in action here:

3. Laces 
The easiest thing to get dirty on your shoes is the laces and dirty laces make a shoe look terrible. First off try washing the laces in the washing machine and failing that buy new laces. You can get new laces cheaply from most shoe shops and you will be surprised how much difference it makes to your shoes.

4. Don't 
First thing I would say is never put your shoes in the washing machine. Ever. It seems like the easy option but will ruin the material and make them smell a weird damp smell that you can never really shift. Secondly if you are using a brush make sure you don't rub to hard, you cant get the same effect taking a little extra time and being careful. Finally I'd say to know when your beat, those greying Nike's you've clung on to for 6 years are by this point too far gone (see example below) accept it and get yourself a new pair and follow the above steps so it will never happen again.

Crepe protected and Angelus blue foam cleaner are available instore and online.


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