Brand Profile - D.R Harris & Co. Ltd.

The latest grooming brand joining our growing collection is classic British brand D.R Harris & Co. Ltd.

The brand started life in London in 1790 as a simple family apothecary growing a reputation selling classics colognes and flower perfumes to fashionable Londoners. The brand continued to be a favourite of the gentleman of London since then and even received a royal warrant as the queen mothers chemist in 1938 which was continued in 2012 by the current queen.

In store we have all the stuff a modern gent would need from shaving products, cologne, shower/bath lotions to toothpaste. The products retain a vintage feel in both packaging and scents but cater for a wide range of modern grooming problems with the must hyped and requested beard almond oil selling fast.

The entire range is available instore and online now.


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