4 Steps to maintaing your beard

Beards are more popular than ever and if your lucky enough to be able to grow one we have made a 4 step guide to help you along the way. We have also pilfered some videos from the Beard Baron to make it even easier for you.

1. Get the right style
Beards suit most people unless like me your unable to grow anything more than patchy stubble. For a rounder face try to get a linear beard which will give you definition and a longer face can be balanced out with a fuller thick beard. Best thing is usually to play around with it until you find what suits.

2. Cleaning
You should treat your beard the same way you treat the hair on your head which means shampooing and conditioning it. It will keep the hair healthy and stop you from looking like a broom.

3. Beard Oil / Products 
If you want to get your beard looking extra fly you can use a beard oil which will soften up the hair. We stock D.R Harris beard oil instore.

4. Grooming
It's a lot of work and commitment to keep a full beard so make it easier for yourself by investing in a good pair of clippers or scissors. Or even better leave it to a professional and get a barber to keep your beard looking neat while you get your hair cut.

It can take three months to grow a proper beard so hopefully this guide helps you along the way. We stock a wide range of shaving and grooming products instore and online to keep your beard looking fly so get your essentials.


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