Going Out: Solid Gold Safari - Country House Weekend II

From the 8th of August to the 10th of August at a secret Scottish location Solid Gold Safari returns with their Country House Weekend II.

Anyone who experienced it last year will tell you about the great music and atmosphere on offer, well this year will be no different with even more quality acts playing. There will be two stages one indoor and one outdoor but covered, so no need to worry about the weather, with both stages alternately on for 12 hours at a time.

Take a look at the stellar line up below:

Fudge Fingas,
Auntie Flo live,
House Of Traps,
Dixon Avenue Basement Jams,
Linkwood, Telford,
Melting Pot, 
Pro Vinylist Karim, 
Bobby Cleaver & Nok La Rok, 
David Barbarossa,
Andi Hanley,
Jelly Roll Soul,
Samantha Bagg,
Kev Stevens and Craig Moog,
Jamie Thomson,
Lee Marvin and Jimmy Jammin Thomas,
Jazz Spastiks,
DJ Dribbler & The Earl,
Wrong Island,
Lets Go Back,
Way Back,

The general admission is £60 with a £10 fee for camping for Friday and Saturday night. The maximum capacity is 250 so don't miss your chance!


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