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At Fat Buddha we pride ourselves in stocking one of the most cohesive and comprehensive men's grooming selections in Glasgow. Our range includes hugely popular brands such as a Uppercut Deluxe with more niche brands which cater to a wide array of grooming concerns. Most of our brands are hard to find in this city and are either only available through premium barbers or solely through Fat Buddha Store. We have just been restocked in many of our grooming ranges so now seems like the perfect time to give you a low down on some of our favourite grooming brands so you can select the perfect one for you. 

Agua de Colonia
Aqua de Colonia is the historic scented products from Alvarez Gomez, the family owned business of Madrid’s oldest and most prestigious fragrance houses. 

The fragrances can safely be described as both classic and timeless as they are the product of several generations’ expertise with no altering of the original formula nor its refreshing aroma. The fragrance takes many of their natural essences from Mediterranean sources like Spanish Lemon, Lavender, Geranium and Eucalyptus along with many other essential oils such as rosemary and thyme.

We stock a wide berth of classic scented product from Cologne, Shaving Cream, Deodorant, Soap, Lotion all the way to scented candles all set against elegant Art Deco packaging and bottles. 

Aqua de Colonia is for those who appreciate generations of expertise and classic grooming. 

Baxter of California

Baxter of California, the brainchild of Baxter Finley, was at the cutting edge when it was created in 1965 on the back of a single product Super Shape a revolutionary men’s skin conditioner.

In many ways pioneering in their gender specific approach to grooming, over the years the brand has gone on to create a comprehensive range of products aimed squarely at men’s needs.  The brand now produces a range of products from Night Cream to Facial Scrubs to Lip Balm for every modern male’s grooming needs. 

Baxter of California is the ideal brand for modern men who know what they want from a grooming product and want the research to back it up. 

D.R. Harris
Classic British grooming brand D.R. Harris have been catering to the needs of prominent individuals for several generations and over that time have evolved and refined their grooming products to suit modern needs.

The original proprietors Henry Harris and Daniel Rotely, whom the brand is named after, were a surgeon and a pharmaceutical chemist respectively. The brand started life in London in 1790 as a simple family apothecary growing a reputation selling classics colognes and flower perfumes to fashionable Londoners. The brand has continued to be a favourite of the gentry of London since then and received a royal warrant as the Queen Mother’s chemist in 1938; a tradition that has been extended by the Prince of Wales in 2002 and again by the current Queen in 2012.

Still operating out of a traditional Chemists shop at 29 St. James’s Street, which retains much of the original fittings and feel, the brand has recently opened their second retail premise at 52 Piccadilly. 

These traditions of personalised service and quality are close to the brands ethos which sees them only introducing one or two products a year while subtly evolving their existing line. While the range suits an array of modern grooming concerns the packaging retains a vintage feel, which would make a handsome edition to any bathroom cabinet, while the array of scents have a distinctly classic aroma. 

D.R. Harris is the go to brand for anyone who values timeless style in their grooming products.  

Edwin Jagger
Edwin Jagger is perhaps our most popular shaving brand having grown a reputation for combining cutting edge technology with traditional hand production skills. Edwin Jagger sets the standard for impeccable male grooming. Established in 1988, they are a family owned and run business where integrity, innovation and inspired design go hand in hand.

Over two decades, their business has grown into a global leader in male and female shaving and grooming product manufacture. They ship products all over the world and many exclusive companies, in the UK and USA commission Edwin Jagger to design exclusive branded ranges of luxury shaving items. The brands unique appeal is much to do with the personal input of the owner and founder, Neil Jagger, who designs almost every piece with absolute attention to detail and commissions the highest standards of manufacture in the Sheffield production facility.

Edwin Jagger exemplifies traditional English quality and style combining it with state of the art design, up to the minute manufacturing techniques and the heritage of long established Sheffield craftsmans skills. The Exquisite and Fragrant range consists of five 99.9% natural shaving products. Presented in distinct Edwin Jagger packaging the collection comprises: facial exfoliant, hydrating pre-shave, premium shaving cream, traditional shaving soap and moisturising aftershave lotion.  Plant extracts and organic ingredients combine to produce fabulous products that ensure a memorable shaving routine and improve overall facial skin tone, feel and appearance. Choose from three fragrances: Aloe Vera for sensitive skin, Sandalwood for normal skin and Sea Buckthorn for normal/dry skin. We stock both your classic safety razors along side Edwin Gillette Fusion and Mach 3 along with a range of shaving accessories like brushes, stands and bowls. 

Edwin Jagger should be the go to brands for men who appreciate the art of shaving. 

Lucky Tiger
The story of Lucky Tiger has been handed down from generation to generation and through the years this tale grew. As it is now told, the Lucky Tiger legend began in the 1920’s, in Kansas City, Missouri, in the basement of Benjamin Clarke, an amateur scientist and one heck of a great barber! Ben created a tonic for the hair and scalp that was different and better than any other product in his day and called it “Lucky Tiger Tonic.” Everyone who visited Ben’s Barbershop got the royal treatment – a shave, a haircut and a generous splash of Lucky Tiger Tonic. As the story goes, Ben began to sell the tonic out of his shop, but it was needed beyond Missouri.

In 1935, in Kansas City, Missouri, Lucky Tiger was trademarked and a classic American brand was officially born. As Lucky Tiger’s popularity and product reputation spread, Barbers across America began using and selling the entire range of Lucky Tiger products: shaving creams, mustache waxes, shampoos, hair dressings, hair tonics, hair waxes, face cleansers, skin astringents, face lotions, cleansing masks, acne preparations and tooth whitening powders.

By the time the 1950’ rock ‘n rolled around, Lucky Tiger became the most popular brand of men’s grooming and barbershop products in America.

The 1950’s and early 60’s were a great time for Lucky Tiger. But in 1964, a visit from four guys from Liverpool England changed pop culture and young America overnight. When the Beatles hit our shores and the hippie movement followed, men’s hairstyles and the Barber industry were forever changed – Lucky Tiger came upon some less than lucky times. Despite lean times and radical changes in men’s fashions and tastes, Lucky Tiger maintained a fierce and loyal following in the barbershop industry.

Today Lucky Tiger product everything from Face Tonics, After Shave, Moustache Wax to Shave Cream all following Lucky Tiger’s distinctive American masculine Heritage. 

Musgo Real
Musgo Real is another brand that can trace it’s lineage far back, all the back to 1887 when the original Claus & Schweder business started making fine soaps for Portugal’s aristocracy. The name changed in the 1920s to Musgo Real however the traditional craftsmanship remained and continues to this day. 

Retaining something of a retro and classic feel the brands is popular with both the modern guy to the more mature gent. 

Proraso can trace is roots back to 1920s Florence where, incidentally, the products are still made. Fostering a brand loyalty over three generations the brand enjoys a reputation as one of Italy’s most prestigious barber shaving brands.  To this day the Proraso formula is a closely guarded family secret which has been passed down through the generations. We stock all the finest Proraso shaving creams, aftersahves and shaving soaps with that classic Proraso scent. 

Uppercut Deluxe 

One of our most popular grooming brands is Australian brand Uppercut. Born in the minds of childhood friends Luke Newman and Steve Burell. The brand takes inspiration from the classic barbershops of the 1950s and tailors it for modern grooming needs. Created out of frustration that grooming products seemed to be aimed soled at woman they wanted to create a product that men would be proud to have in their bathroom cabinet.

Working with a chemist for over a year they were able to create their first product the iconic 'Deluxe Pomade' and from their the brand has gone on to create products for every need; from essentials such as shampoo to more specialised products like moustache wax.

Any guy who looks after his hair should have at least one Uppercut product in their bathroom cabinet.


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