Nike Roshe Run NM Woven SD

The summer sneaker favorite the Nike Roshe get a makeover with brand new construction - one that features a woven toebox, perforated branding and a natural motion outsole.

This edition, the Nike Roshe Run NM Woven SD, has a distinctly premium feel and is crafted from fine suede with the distinctive new addition of a woven toecap extending into the lacing for a streamlined look. The subtle colourway and perforated branding are offset with a bold gradient midsole which fades from yellow at the heel to a vibrant pink. This sneaker has the added benefit of Nike's natural motion outsole designed to move with the body for comfort and flexibility.

Although it certainly doesn't feel like it yet, summer is nearly upon us and the Roshe is the ideal sneaker choice for the warmer months as its light weight, sturdy and flexible with the added benefit of looking fly with your summer sartorial wardrobe choices.

The Nike Roshe Roshe Run NM Woven SD is available in store now and will be online shortly here.


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