Baxter of California - Vitamin Cleansing Bars

Here at Fat Buddha Store we are very excited to announce we are now stocking Baxter of California's Vitamin Cleansing Bars... to really help you up your shower game.  Coming in three classic options (Italian Lime and Pomegranate Essence, Bergamot and Pear Essence and Flora and Cassis Essence) each scent is infused into their invigorating bar soap for a bright, yet masculine scent. Maybe you’re into body washes, and that’s cool—body washes are great and they get the job done (we carry those too). But this isn’t just any ordinary bar of soap; not only does it remove dirt, oil and impurities from your skin with a rich lather, it rinses off easily without drying skin out or leaving behind a heavy residue.

Its nourishing paraben-free formula does it all, from hydrating to softening and conditioning thanks to a revitalizing cocktail of skin-boosting active botanicals, plus it’s gentle enough to use multiple times a day for those of you who shower day and night. It features soothing aloe vera extract to cool irritation while sunflower seed oil boosts firmness and elasticity as it softens the skin. But it doesn’t stop there; the stripe down the centre of the bar is packed with glycerin to fight off dryness all day long. To be frank, it looks cool AF so you won’t mind displaying it for your bathroom visitors to see.
Don't forget to pick yours up in store and online shortly at Fat Buddha Store.


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