Going Out - Subclub - Optimo Turbo Rave Vol. 2

Subclub generally don’t repeat themselves but they figured around an entire generation of clubbers has probably been and gone since they last did this, and as the first one was so mega they thought it would be fun to do it again.

The word "rave" has been much abused over the years. In our minds it wasn't all hoovers at dawn, helium vocals, cheesy piano breakdowns and hands in the air all night. A rave was a place where a ridiculously loud sound system was combined with sensory overload lighting to enhance the experience of dancing to all strains of electronic dance music with a vague feeling of "one-ness" amongst the participants.

This is what they aim to put on in The Sub Club. The Subbie already has the best sound system in Scotland but they're going to double that. This is not some dumb exercise in trying to deafen everybody. It is NOT going to be painfully loud, but rather the sound will be omnipresent. There will be no escape from the music, so if you like to hang out at the bar and chat all night, maybe skip this one? They don't want to spoil the surprise regarding the lighting and a few other touches they plan to implement, but expect to be….dazzled!

While they will be playing “rave” music from back in the day, this is not an exercise in nostalgia. Sure, it would be futile for them to resist the lure of the shelves of late 80s and early 90s dance music they have they will also be playing fitting records from the 21st century too.

If this is all starting to sound a bit serious, well, they take their concepts VERY seriously, but rest assured this WILL be ridiculously good fun.


*This is an Optimo Pay on the Door Event. Doors 11pm.


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