Going Out - Mister Saturday Night at The Berkeley Suite

Tonight at The Berkeley Suite Justin Carter & Eamon Harkin will be playing all night long at Mister Saturday Night.

Justin Carter & Eamon Harkin are two people that have done things their way from the very beginning, always looking to do something more interesting, something different, rather than following what has and does go on around them consistently. Gaining notoriety from their recurring Brooklyn loft party Mister Saturday Night, they would move soundsystems in to spaces not normally used for parties, giving their night a bespoke and hedonistic feel from the very beginning. Justin plays all night long in The Berkeley Suite tonight.


Soundcloud: http://bit.ly/2rvt980
Boiler Room: http://bit.ly/2rhgmGO (2016)

Entry --> £5 online, £9 on the door
Tickets EC --> http://theberkeleysuite.eventcube.io/
Tickets RA --> http://bit.ly/2t1k351


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