Colorful Standard - New Colours

Not only have we been restocked with their classic colours this season we also have an array of the brands new vibrant colours to add to their established collection.

Colorful Standard keep their styles simple and let the colours do the talking.

They work tirelessly to ensure that every shade and every glow is rich and striking. All colours are carefully dyed into the product to gain an extra feeling of vibrancy to the fabric.

Their shades are inspired by distinct scenes and details found directly around us or indirectly in our fantasies.

Check out the new colour options below or shop the new stock in store and online at Fat Buddha Store. 

Heather Grey
Taken from the different shades of grey found on a rocky hill side. Our Heather Grey has the balance of these shades. A rock is never just grey.
 Ivory White
Ivory White is inspired by the quarries in the Apuan Alps where the most prestigious marble is carved.

Polar Blue
The South Pole is where the purest blue is found. Our Polar Blue is inspired from the compression of pure snow, which then develops into glacial ice.
Sahara Camel
Our Sahara Camel is inspired by the shades found in the biggest desert on our planet, Sahara, The Greatest Desert. A great shade of brown as a celebration to this raw environment.
Dusty Olive
A raw shade of green, inspired by a weathered metal mostly seen in urban jungles.
Desert Khaki
Think of warm, idyllic Saharan dunes. But in the darker end of the scale giving it a more powerful appearance.


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