Montana - Hologram Eggshell Sticker

For many years the sticker has been an alternative surface of choice for graffiti and street based artists around the world. Not only can you prepare your artwork long before it goes into service, you can also apply them discretely to their new home cleanly without a trace. The Eggshell Sticker changed the game again. With the same ease of application as any other sticker, the eggshell sticker which breaks down into smaller pieces that defy removal (when someone tries to remove them), has become the hard to buff sticker of choice. 

The Montana Hologram Eggshell sticker is at the top of the game. With a unique holographic underground for your hand style or artwork, this sticker ticks all the boxes. Its eye catching and stands out amongst other stickers, it looks great, its the perfect size for application to almost anywhere and its hard to remove. Get some inspiration for your next sticker project here:

Montana “HELLO MY NAME IS” Sticker – The traditional “Hello My Name Is” sticker is back with an old school twist. This time round we re-visit the classic sticker colours red and blue. Shrink wrapped in packs of 100 per colour, the packs also still include the luscious 4mm permanent round marker with is deep black, juicy ink.
Montana “HELLO MY NAME IS – DIN A2 (XXL)” Sticker – SUPERSIZE Me! The ever famous "HELLO MY NAME“ sticker is now available in the extra large Din A2 format! The stickers are made of coated adhesive sticker paper, ideal for use with markers and now even spray paint. The back is pre-slit, for easy removal of the backing film.


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