Red Wing - The Sawmill

Taking inspiration from outdoor and sporting boots from their extensive archive we are very excited to introduce the completely new Sawmill boot from Red Wing.

Available in Olive Mohave and Briar Oil Slick, the Sawmill boot is Goodyear welted with an added storm-welt for extra protection form the cold and wet weather.  It features a Cambrelle lining and a felted wool footbed to keep your feet toasty.
The Cambrelle lining is completely new to Red Wing's heritage collection.  It offers great comfort and moisture management. The Bi-component fibres mean that the lining can constantly adapt to the movement of your foot and helps not only to keep your feet warm and dry but in warmer climates can keep your feet cool as well.
The collar of our Sawmill boot is made from the same deerskin as we use for our gloves to give a soft, water repellant ankle support.  For the first time since the Heritage collection began Red Wing have used "D-rings" on one of their styles, a common fixture on outdoor boots from which the Sawmill is based.
We can see "D-rings" used on these two Irish Setter boots from the 1960's (#888 & #844) both of which are also lined for extra warmth.
These 70's hiking boots are a great example of Roughout leather being used on an outdoor boot.  Like we see with the Olive Mohave leather used on the Sawmill, Roughout is a great choice because the mud and water are able to "run-off" the buffed side of the hide rather than stain or penetrate through to the foot.
A boot isn't complete without an outsole.  The Sawmill uses the heavy duty Vibram Lug sole seen on the boots on which it is based.  The full lug sole gives amazing durability and impeccable grip on almost every surface so it was an obvious choice for the Sawmill.
Red Wing Shoes has a long history of outdoor and sporting boots and the Sawmill is a great modern day interpretation of those styles that came before. Come and get yours in store now, or head over to our webshop!


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