Solavair Leather Explained

We are often asked the difference between the various types of leather used to manufacture Solovair. Here they have presented a brief summary of their finishes and basic care tips suited for each leather type to help you find your ideal shoe or boot.

All Solovair leather footwear is made from bovine leather, specifically cowhide. This is the most abundant leather type that is used by premium leather goods brands. With the exception of Horween Chromexcel leather (which is sourced from the USA), all our leathers are sourced from European tanneries and cattle. Bovine leather offers maximum value for money in terms of durability, elegance and texture. It is also water and abrasion resistant; but is not ‘waterproof’. 

The majority of Solovair boots (including our bestselling Black 8 Eye Derby Boots) are made using smooth corrected leather. Corrected leather is created by splitting full-grain leather, buffing or sanding the grain surface to remove marks or imperfections, and then applying a man-made coating to create a Hi-Shine 'smooth' finish. 

To clean smooth leather, we recommend using a damp cloth to remove dust and dirt. For general maintenance, apply a good quality shoe polish or cream using a dry cloth or soft brush for buffing.


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