Collectable Crazy!

Today we had a little visit from a Princess, Impossible_Princess_Barbie from Edinburgh

She came into the shop and started having a browse at our collectible toys and blind boxes. Being a massive geek, I always get excited when people head in that direction. So we got chatting and my goodness! What a lovely person. She told me all about her obsession, especially for Barbies.

After picking up and considering nearly every toy we stock, she settled on a few bits and pieces including one of our new Bearbricks. With a bundle of flyers for the shop in hand she left telling me to check out her flickr... You really do have to see this to believe it folks! I especially direct you to her 'Home Sweet Home' set, it is a mix of a Princess' home, antique store and a toy shop!

I sent her on her way with directions to Maia for a nice ice cream. Our customers really are tremendous!


jenathemuse said…
I am in the U.S.A and I have come to know the wonderful Impossible Princess, she is someone I follow online, with her Amazing doll collection and sweet personality, she is fascinating.
Anonymous said…
Tap that

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