The A-Team Paint (and other film references)

While re-filling the Montana Black, I seemed to be getting lots of subliminal messages to go and see the A-Team (which I outright refuse to acknowledge as I was a huge fan of the original TV series!). I realised it was the names of the paint that was doing it...

Hannibal, Murdock and B.A. now appearing in Fat Buddha! (legally I suppose I should tell you that neither the characters from either the film or TV series, are, or will be appearing in the store)

For all the movie fans out there, here's a few more Montana Paint names acknowledging the big screen...

Jawa, Jaws, Atlantis, Slimer, Blue Lagoon, Wizard, Blue Velvet, Purple Rain, Pink Panther, Pink Cadillac, Halloween, Lost Island and Clockwork Orange.


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