Cheeky Little Lamp in the Window

Every day in work I am forced to laugh by someone staring and giggling at our cheeky little Shy Lamp in the Sales Desk Window (Usually old ladies!). When we got in the range of Mr P products from Propaganda we were all very impressed by the fun nature of the designs and have since been a HUGE hit here at Fat Buddha! The Propaganda website even has a little fart powered, Mr P Angel cursor! It's fantastic!

The mugs especially, constantly fly off the shelves and we are forever having to fill them up and order more.

However, the best product in my opinion is the Shy Lamp!

I have lost count of the amount of people who stand and drag their friends back to window to have a laugh at Mr P's expense. Poor wee guy! I definetly could have done without the one wee old woman who decided to stand in the street shouting 'I'd rather have the real thing!' though.

Have a great weekend folks, don't be shy now...


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