At Fat Buddha we all love the movies, who doesn't really?

I just got my hands on one of those unlimited cards and have been making good use of it so I wanted to let you know of a few good films to see and to look out for!

Out now is the utterly terrifying Paranormal Activity 2 and the stupid but hilarious Jackass 3D...

I went to see Paranormal Activity 2 at the midnight showing on Halloween and I can safely say it is the scariest movie I have ever seen. I am sure there will be a few people who moan about it being filmed on security cameras and thats what makes it scary! I dare anyone not to jump at least once during the film... I jumped so hard at one bit I made a 'ooOOAAaaaww' sort of face! People walked out, my girlfriend looked as though she was going to be sick and didn't sleep at all... Excellent!

Jackass is what it is and if you don't like it, seeing it in 3D won't make you like it more. However, if you DO like it, you are going to love the 3D madness! There are a few stunts that are quite cheesy, done obviously for the 3D effects but it works so well. I sat squeeling with laughter for the whole film and did not want it to end. Also, I am not squeemish at all and it almost had me throwing up at one point... Success!

Now for movies which may be a little geeky but hey, I am a geek! Cannot wait for these to come out...

Skyline - Looks like an evil version of Independance Day, YES!

Monsters - Almost like a sequel to Cloverfield, which I loved! I just like end of the world type films ok?!

Then the big one... Tron: Legacy - I will be going to see this at least 4/5 times in the cinema! I grew up with films like Tron and I am quite simply pissing my pants about it, only a few more weeks!!!

Theres also news been released about the third and final Transformers film. Dark Side of the Moon promoting Soundwave to be the bad guy of note. Hopefully, with Megan Fox quitting, the third film will be better than the second. Also, confirmation of 2 new Aliens films by Ridley Scott. Aliens is my favourite film of all time and I have been praying they would give us more Aliens and colonial marines... Wether they do or not, I will have to wait and see but I am excited about it!

If you are a bit of a movie fan and a geek like me we do stock a few movie bits and bobs in Fat Buddha Store. Check out the movie inspired Bearbricks...

We also have a few cool movie books available mainly in-store...


PS... A little update! I went to see Skyline and it was one of the worst films I have ever seen, a total joke! Avoid it =)


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