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Grafik Magazine - Issue 192 September/October 2011
Grafik is an international bi-monthly magazine for and about graphic designers. The magazine champions innovative and inspiring work by designers, illustrators and photographers, from established names to upcoming talent.With connections throughout graphic design communities around the world, Grafik gets to the heart of the ideas, trends and technologies that are informing contemporary design. Grafik also explores the rich visual history of graphic design, looking at the influential movements and iconic practitioners who continue to inspire designers today. Grafik has been an established part of the design landscape since 2003, and prior to that it was published as Graphics International for over 15 years. It continues to be essential reading for all design professionals and students who want to feel connected to the most inspiring and innovative aspects of their industry.

This issue features: London Design Festival, KarlssonWilker, Graphic Thought Facility, Angus Hyland, John Malinoski, Karin Von Ompteda, Hjarta Smarta, Jeremy Tankard, Neal Whittington, Fraser Muggeridge plus Special Feature – Drawing Type.

Architecture Today Magazine Issue 221 September 2011
Architecture Today is the professional architectural magazine, conceived by architects, founded by architects, written by architects and read by architects. Sent each month to the UK's practising architects at their place of work, Architecture Today presents the pick of new projects, with articles by leading practitioners and photography of the highest standard.

Kilimanjaro Magazine Issue 13 Autumn/Winter 2011
Kilimanjaro is a vibrant, new printed space dedicated to visual culture and editorial experimentation. Located in the realms of contemporary art, documentary photography, lifestyle and creative journalism.
Kilimanjaro's aim is to generate an environment in which ideas reason with pure visual pleasure as well as a certain sense of social consciousness.
Each individual issue revolves around a central conducting theme, which articulates a series of features somehow related to that particular subject, in order to create a random sequence of item orchestrated by a conceptual subtext.
Kilimanjaro is a large format magazine each page is about 48cm wide and 68cm high giving it a unique presentation of images. However the magazine folds down to allow it to fit retailers' racks.
This issue, 'A Love Letter To Roni Horn', - to coincide with their forthcoming exhibition - the 13th issue of Kilimanjaro is a collaborative piece with Roni Horn. The magazine also features Juergen Teller, John Waters and Adrian Searle.


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