Benny Gold moving to St. Enoch Centre

It was Benny Golds' birthday recently. I don't know if you know this, but every year he gets a new skate deck and writes the number of years he has been skating on the grip tape! It has become something of a tradition and no doubt we will soon see a photo and blog from Benny himself with his new setup!

We are doing something new with our Benny Gold stock, as the headline of the blog suggests we are moving the stock to our new location in the St. Enoch Centre in Glasgow. So if your looking for anything from the website then you'll have to get yourself over there.

As always we'll be keeping all our stock available on the website so that if unfortunately you don't live in Glasgow (or if you do and are indeed just too lazy to shop) then you'll still be able to order it directly from us!

The Benny Gold brand was a concept created by a graphic designer, jaded of working in the graphics industry for the major corporations.  He felt that his creative passion was being quashed and so he set out to re-discover the "Gold" inside. Thus his brand, Benny Gold was engineered with the idea that people recognise the soul they have inside of them. These ideas and emotions are what drives people onwards and preserves their sense of identity and individualism.

 From his original conception of a simple sticker which was posted around town, the brand now encompasses a great selection of T-shirts,  sweats, snapbacks and more. All sold in his flagship stores around the world. In all his products, his designs remains close to his faith and passionate integrity about keeping all things young!

You can visit Benny's site here.

Don't forget you can keep up to date with all the shops dealings by visiting our Facebook and Twitter pages.



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