Magazines - New Issues of Grafik, Domus and Blueprint

Just got the newest issues of these three fantastic magazines in store this week. Arriving late in the week they are now also available to buy on-line, which basically means you'll never have to leave the house again!

Lets start with Grafik:
An international bi-monthly magazine for and about graphic designers. The magazine champions innovative and inspiring work by designers, illustrators and photographers, from established names to upcoming talent. Grafik has been an established part of the design landscape since 2003, and prior to that it was published as Graphics International for over 15 years.
It continues to be essential reading for all design professionals and students who want to feel connected to the most inspiring and innovative aspects of their industry.

This months' issue features,

  • The essential new things to buy, see, and visit
  • The latest series of illustrated covers commissioned by Studio8
  • A round-up of the best bespoke typefaces
  • A viewpoint - Do you have any unhealthy obsessions?

Domus magazine is the name of a bilingual publication that's split into two magazines - one is published in USA one is published in Italy. The magazine covers real estate, design, architecture and all aspects of property and buildings.

This months' issue features

  • Re-thinking public parks in LA
  • Four projects for architecture in extreme environments
  • Paolo Antonelli explores bio-design
  • The biennial phenomenon: Special map feature

Blueprint takes a unique approach to publishing new projects and theories in design and architecture by placing them in the broader context of contemporary culture. Creative writing by novelists and cultural critics is juxtaposed with provocative images by leading artists and designers. Altogether an essential source of information and inspiration.

This months' issue features,

  • Esme Fieldhouse reflects on the lottery and how it helped fund some of Britain's greatest buildings
  • Club Silencio - A basement club in Paris transformed by director David Lynch
  • Mitch Epstein sharing his Berlin experience.

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