Music Monday - JJ DOOM

Last week saw the release of collaborative duo JJ DOOM's debut album "Key to the Kuffs" the album which was released through Lex Records features a number of different artists popping up on it such as Damon Albarn, Portishead's Beth Gibbs and Thom Yorke to name but a few.

The JJ DOOM project is the collaboration between  English born American rapper and serial collaborattor MF DOOM (also known as Metal Face, Metal Fingers, Viktor Vaughn, Zev Love X) ato the scene Brooklyn based  Jneiro Jarel who produces hip hop beats as well as rapping. With Jneiro's history  of production of Acid Jazz to Afro-Brazilian and everything in between and MF DOOM's a;ternative style and flow, the collaboration is something pretty exciting for the hip hop heads.

Last week saw the realease of their first video for first track "Guv'nor" which sees MF DOOM return to the screen after being away for a while. The video is pretty interesting in the way that they have used split images. The track sees features a chorus that takes us back to DOOM's London routes where he was born.


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