Going out - Vitamins 8

Tonight see's Glasgow's Vitamins crew through their annual summer party in the form of Vitamins 8. If you know anything about Vitamins then you know this is not to be missed. Held in an undisclosed location that they will be bussing guests to from Glasgow is pretty much all we know but we are certain what awaits will be something pretty spectacular if previous Vitamins parties are anything to go by.

The Vitamins crew, who formed in 2009 after working on Sub City Radio together, have made it their aim to challenge the traditional idea of what a club night is in Glasgow by creating up a setup and an experience that is equally as important as the music itself. With fantastic attention to the production side of things in enhancing the experience with the venue, visuals or any other treats they can come up with that will really take people by surprise. They also go by the rule that their parties will never be defined by one genre of music so no two acts they book will play the same style of music which means music could jump from disco to grime.

VITAMINS 6 // LUNICE // BAOBINGA // GLASGOW from Andy Brown on Vimeo.

This party will be no different with plans for a fully immersive, 360ยบ light show as well as the best PA they have ever specced for an event. Music will be provided by Twitch of Optimo, Dam Mantle, The Guild of Calamitous Intent and Vitamins DJ's Sam and Shaun. To enjoy one of the most creative clubbing experiences in Scotland be sure not to miss that bus.



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