Music Monday - Captain Murphy

A few weeks ago Odd Future's Earl Sweatshirt and Brainfeeder honcho Flying Lotus dropped a track named "Between Friends" for Adult Swim, alongside them appeared mysterious rapper Captain Murphy with a lyrical style that sounded heavily influenced by MF DOOM/Madvillain. Since then Captain Murphy has released a couple more tracks including a remix of Hud Mo and Lunice's TNGHT project's Bugg'n but still no clue as to who the mysterious rapper is.

There are theories that it is Tyler The Creator with his voice pitched, as this sounds like exactly something he would do and has done in the past. However according to the Captain Murphy account it is not Tyler the Creator, but he is very thankful for all the free publicity he is getting from him.

The other theory is that it's the rapping moniker for Flying Lotus himself, with the lyrics ghost written by Earl Sweatshirt. This could also be plausible as Fly Lo is known as a producer with a sense of humour enough to take on this persona for entertainment purposes. There are also theories that it is all three artists together but until we find out we will just have to enjoy the music and videos that he keeps on dropping.


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